Foam Plate Group Manufacture

Our food-grade KARE YALITIM foam plates are especially used in the packaging of red meat, chicken, fish, fruit, and dry food. Plastic foam plates are economic and have a more common use compared to their alternatives.

Using the plastic foam plates facilitates the carrying and shipping of the food products as well as enhancing their physical appearances. Foam plates decrease the pressure from above and prevent the leakage of fluids thanks to their flat surface below and so preserve the deserved clean and hygienic appearance of the products.

Other Features of the Foam Plate Products
  • They are produced with a material protecting human health.
  • They are disposable.
  • They have a carrying capacity varying from 500-gr to 2000-gr.
  • They can be offered as single-compartment or up to 5-compartment.
  • They are more resistant to heat or cold compared to plastic plates.

Product Details

Product CodeProduct NameDimensionIn Package
MOD 2500 gr Plate180mm*135mm*28mm250 pcs.
MOD 11000 gr Plate225mm*137mm*25mm250 pcs.
MOD 162000 gr Plate265mm*175mm*25mm150 pcs.
MOD 24Plate with 3 sections240mm*230mm*30mm200 pcs.
MOD 27CPlate with 4 sections295mm*262mm*33mm100 pcs.
MOD 27Plate with 5 sections346mm*252mm*28mm100 pcs.
MOD 23CWithout Compartment Lid230mm*200mm*70mm100 pcs.
Product CodeProduct NameDimensionIn Package
R-MOD 2500 gr Plate180mm*135mm*28mm250 pcs.
R-MOD 11000 gr Plate225mm*137mm*25mm250 pcs.
R-MOD 162000 gr Plate265mm*175mm*25mm150 pcs.

Product Photos

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  • It has closed pores.
  • It is neutral in terms of smell and taste.
  • Does not react chemically with air.
  • It is non-flammable and does not carry flame.

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