Metalized Perforated Foam Underlay Manufacture

METALIZED PERFORATED UNDERLAY is a special product produced by perfarating METALIZED FOAM UNDERLAY product with holes in numbers and diameters containing special perfarmance values.

Custom-engineered and registered by KARE YALITIM company, the metalized perfarated padding product is composed of 2-mm padding, aluminum fail, and moisture barrier that are all laminated to each other.

Our product is used in inner spaces with floor heating systems provided that there are laminate flooring and laminate flooring applications.

In order to reach the intended insulation and perfarmance values in inner spaces with floor heating systems, the metalized perfarated padding product must be used in hole diameters and numbers that we produce exclusively far the application area.

The intended purpose of the METALIZED FOAM UNDERLAY product is to hold the heat inside the application ground with floor heating and enable the equal propagation of the heat over the entire ground. The moisture barrier used in our product is designed to disconnect the contact of the bacteria such as humidity and moisture that may be farmed on the ground in time with the parquet.

The perfarmance value rates of our product have been approved by independent audit institutions.

Product Details

Product CodeUnitProduct ColorProduct Size
Metalized Perforated Foam Underlay50m2Standart White100cm*50 mt

Product Photos

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Special production orders of 10.000 m2 or more are taken. You can contact us for different color requests.
  • Reduces the footsteps in the space.
  • Prevents noise from downstairs.
  • It saves heat.
  • Protects the parquet against moisture and humidity.

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