Polystyrene Foam Underlay Panels Manufacture

POLYSTYRENE FOAM UNDERLAY PANELS product prevents moisture and water permeability in an optimum way thanks to its closed-cell structure.

POLYSTYRENE FOAM UNDERLAY PANELS product has high levels of compressive strength performance, so the product never becomes easily deformed. The product lifetime is longer and has higher performance compared to the sector standards thanks to this additional strength feature.

POLYSTYRENE FOAM UNDERLAY PANELS product is produced with a non-CFC material and thanks to this feature, it never causes damage to the ozone layer.

POLYSTYRENE FOAM UNDERLAY PANELS is a product placed under the laminate flooring particularly in order to provide heat and sound insulation within the spaces. in addition, the product surface can be printed on and it has flexibility enabling it to be placed on each kind of surface.

Our products can be used in the food packaging industry since they do not contain any kind of toxic substance on human health.

XPS Polystyrene Foam Underlay Board

Product Details

Product CodeUnitProduct ColorPackageProduct Size
3 mm. Polystyrene Foam Underlay Panelsm2Standard Green50 m280x125
5 mm. Polystyrene Foam Underlay Panelsm2Standart Green40 m280x125
10 mm. Polystyrene Foam Underlay Panelsm2Standart Green20 m280x125

Product Photos

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Special production orders of 10.000 m2 or more are taken. You can contact us for different color requests.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • It has a closed cell structure.
  • Provides superior protection for your laminate flooring.
  • Easy to apply.

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